MINU_festival_for_expanded_music_2021 ⌘+F


19/11 | 20:00 | Christianshavns Beboerhus
Tickets: 50 kr single / 125 kr festival pass [cash or mobilepay]

With a curatorial focus on the events as holistic experiences, MINU_festival_for_expanded_music is an initiative for expanding conceptions of music through presenting the unmusical as musical. It is a space for oscillating between extremes and charting relationships between art, technology, and contemporary culture.
A double-bill highlighting two works founded on notions of the computer as an interface. ctrl+Y blends banal behaviours and documentary techniques with a focus on the inherent musicality in something as quotidian as typing. Ultimately playing with the de-familiarisation of everyday experience. SAMPLER is a curated meta-work that takes quoting / sampling as a prerogative, while also functioning as a reel-like “sampler” and reflection of the composer’s oeuvre.

Matthew Grouse: ctrl+Y [2021]

Dylan Richards: SAMPLER [2016-2019]

Performed by Current Resonance [Dylan Richards, Joss Smith, Michael Hope] and K!ART [Rob Durnin, Mikkel Schou, Hsiao-Tung Yuan, Iiris Tötterström].

MINU_festival_for_expanded_music is realised through the kind support of Slots and Kulturstyrelsen, KODA, William Demant, and Dansk Musiker Forbund.

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