PESH // Copenhagen Jazz Festival

PESH is a European quartet formed by four young up-and-coming artists from Norway and
Poland. Their music is best described as expressive chamber jazz, in the musical landscape
between tradition and free improvisation.

The quartet met during the international educational program “INTL Jazz Platform” in 2021,
where an immediate musical spark led to the idea of starting a band together. The goal is to
create a common improvisational language across the borders, exploring each other`s cultures
and different musical references with respect and curiosity. Improvisation and interplay are
the core of the music, which is based around original compositions of all the band members.
The material is shaped spontaneously on stage, which results in a fresh and playful sound!

Line up:
Patrycja Wybrańczyk (PL) – drums
Emil Miszk (PL) – trumpet
Sondre Moshagen (NO) – piano
Håkon Huldt-Nystrøm (NO) – double bass
Jeff Wagner (guest artist) – Guitar

Kl. 19
Entré 50 kr


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