Gentle Creatures
Like a pizza party, with your favorite person in the world.
Gentle Creatures is the project of composer Pape Arce Bayona. Featuring always different orchestration (from violins to drums to small toy synths) and lyrics in both Spanish and English, the music focuses on our relationships with others with ourselves: The moments, the places and the people that shaped the way you see yourself.

Children Of Fish
What we say about ourselves – Children Of Fish is an international contemporary jazz group that brings together the present, past and future through a laid-back and good-natured presence. The group is united by its roots in jazz music, as well as the interest in what time offers inspired by what is happening around – here and now. This philosophy is reflected both in the group’s cross-genre expression, in the use of acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as in the attitude with which the group members treat reality and each other. We are united by the desire for understanding and free expression in music and life, so our music radiates joy, emotion, freedom, and complex simplicity.

What Artificial Intelligence says about us – Children of Fish is a musical group that embodies the evolution of aquatic life. From the early polyps that emerged from the ocean floor to the graceful jellyfish and quick-witted fish that swam the seas, the band draws inspiration from the beauty and power of our aquatic ancestors. As human children making art, Children of Fish brings forth a joyful noise that pays homage to our underwater roots while embracing the limitless possibilities of the present. Their music is a testament to the resilience of life and the unifying power of creativity.

Line up:
Malina Midera (PL) – Synths, piano, compositions
Petter Petter Asbjørnsen (NO) – Bass, electronics, compositions
Jēkabs Rēders (LV) – Drums, percussion, compositions

Kl. 20
Entré 80 kr

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