¡Anyines Presents! Musica En Vivo

Anyines presents a cute Wednesday night of musical wizardry:

Caparica Vocal Group
Anders Vestergaard
MC Boli (DJ)

Beboerhuset 13/11 kl 20.00, 50kr entrance.

Caparica Vocal Group:
This collective was formed through the guidance of wizard Santi Rieser at the coast of portugese surfer town Caparica. Dogmatic exercises, chakra resonators and 2€ recorder flutes lead up to the groups only show at Banco, Lisbon in 2018. So far the members count Astrid Sonne, Santi Rieser, Soho Rezanejad, Villads Klint, Aske, Edith & Pernille Zidore. They will now rethink their performance for Copenhagen 2019.

jrmmt is Jens Ramon Murga Meinert Thomsen, wizard in every sense of the word. He will perform material from his solo act. Enchanting us with manylayered sonic explosions, evolving organic chemistry through electronic sounds.

Anders Vestergaard:
This time the wizardry happens behind the drums. Anders Vestergaard will perform a variation of his piece ‘prime float//unitary perfect’. Two long pieces of hypnotic and ceremonial beats, that insist on bodily existence. The music recalls both traditional African drum music as well as club music, but the creational baseline was the artists own practice of the Chinese standing meditation Qigong.

MC Boli:
Master wizard behind Boli Group will be the selector of the evening. U never know.

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