Arthus Fochi releaseparty + Forró Novo

Dear friends and music enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to gather on this special night to celebrate Brazilian culture a unique moment: the release of Arthus Fochi’s vinyl record, “Ano Sabático.” It promises to be a night of music and art, where we can immerse ourselves in captivating and vibrant sounds.

Arthus Fochi is a restless and creative Brazilian artist whose work reflects his passion for music and poetry, exploring universal themes with sensitivity and authenticity.

But that’s not all! To conclude the night on a high note, we have the pleasure of experiencing the infectious talent of Forró Novo, a band that will treat us to an exhilarating forró dance party. With their captivating rhythm and vibrant melodies, the band invites us to dance and savor every moment, creating an atmosphere of joy and relaxation. This night is for everyone!

So, get ready for a magical night of music, dance, and emotions. We invite you to dive into the inspiring melodies of “Ano Sabático” and surrender to the contagious rhythm of forró with Forró Novo. Cherish every moment and feel like part of this grand celebration of music.

Welcome, everyone, to this unique and unforgettable night!


Kl. 20
Forsalg 100 kr:


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