azi / abji_hypersun + friends / DJ Berrin Bas

azi is playing their debut concert as producer and songwriter. they work punk at the interzone between electronic music, rnb, protestant choral tradition and sonati music, and their songs are inspired by favorite artists in that spectrum. they will play unreleased tracks from their upcoming ep.

abji_hypersun + friends
abji_hypersun the solo project of Simin Stine Ramezanali, who is also a drummer in the Copenhagen quartet slim0 and a part of UUMPHFF music platform.Summer 2021 they released their first single on UUMPHFF label, prod. Xenia Xamanek. On the 17’th they will debut with their first solo show featuring friends, presenting “resist the “god-trick/matter of the heart” a music piece about: hybrid identities, longing, faith, the heart, a talking santur. It is: remaking old Iranian pop songs, drum n’ bass, punk, ambient.

DJ Berrin Bas
A soundtapestry of memories, homesickness and fantasy, dj berrin bas will honor the rich historic music from turkey iran egypt albania marocco etc.

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