Chief – Udara – Simin Stine Ramezanali & Xenia Xamanek Lopez


CHIEF. the politically incorrect politician.

UDARA. Ribka & Meta.

SIMIN STINE RAMEZANALI & XENIA XAMANEK LOPEZ (XEXSI). joining forces and merging beats in a reggaeton & west asian percussion soup.

MALIKA MAHMOUD. DJ of the night.

UUMPHFF is a newly formed platform gathering musicians & music lovers, to share resources, exchange knowledge and build community across genres and borders.
founded 2020 by Simin & Xenia.
This is UUMPHFF’s first event.

Door: 19.30
Entrance fee: 60 kr,

Please remember to buy a presale ticket – we have a reduced amount of tickets available for this concert, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Billet Link
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