Cumbia Collective & Looking for Duende

Cumbia Collective:
The band is a group of 6 experienced musicians from different countries that joined forces towards the idea of sharing the cumbia culture and music to all Nordic countries – and they have been performing together for over four years. Their music is intended for a wider mix of audiences. Among them they have: Dancing audiences, music enthusiasts, the youngsters, South Americans, the elderly and families – bringing them all to the dance floor, they WILL turn our venue into a party! They offer a unique show mixing interpretations of South American cumbia hits and original songs, mixed with a touch of Salsa, Rock and Funk. Their sound introduces their audiences to the warm South American vibes, but with familiar, modern and exciting elements that spreads an atmosphere of joy and engagement throughout the show.

What you get is a danceable live-show that counts funky basslines, trebly West-African inspired guitar riffs, costumes, custom made stage probs and songs performed in a handful of different languages. The goal is to transport the guests away from their daily routines and into a world where music meets magic – and where dragons, wizards and enjoyment exist. Feedback is often “I had a lot of fun!”

Kl. 20.30
Forsalg 80 kr:


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