haloplus+ presents: Dove / Le Makeup / Kazumichi Komatsu / Angel Wei / Ryong (DJ)

Copenhagen meets Osaka and Kyoto in 4 concerts.

Introducing danish debut for the iconic duo Dove and Le Makeup and special guest Kazumichi Komatsu.

Dove is an electronic music producer and singer based in Osaka.
Her latest EP “Atarashi Karada” (translates to ‘New Body’) was released earlier this year via Berlin-label Yergorka, and takes the listener through 4 songs of bittersweet sensibility towards her surroundings and her own feelings.

She runs the japanese label Pure Voyage with Le Makeup, where they write and produce with a range of Japanese artist such as Loota, Kazimichi Komatsu and NTsKi. In addition to her releases, she has done mixes for LA-based Eternal Dragonz and London’s Odyxxey Radio and is now touring Europe while working on her 1st full length album.

Le Makeup
Le Makeup is a an electronic music producer and singer also based in Osaka.

He began making music in 2016 and debuted with his EP “Diegese” via Wasabi Tapes soon after.
Since that, he has released a steady flow of EP’s and mixtapes, and have put out mixes on a wide array of channels such as LA based Asian Collective Eternal Dragonz, Vienna’s Ashida Park, JEROME, The Astral Plane, OdyxXey Radio and more.

His recent work has explored themes of alienated suburban young blues and the changing landscape of the city he lives in, using generated and found textures and his voice and playing many instruments as the primary medium.
In 2020, He released the 1st full length “Slight Fever” via himself & Dove’s label Pure Voyage.

Kazumichi Komatsu
Kazumichi Komatsu is a composer, artist, and DJ based in Kyoto. He has released a vast number of sound recordings under several names from various labels and publishers. He produces and researches methodologies of the body, memory, and tradition in a networked environment. His latest release ‘Emboss Star’ came out 2020 on Tokyo label FLAU.

Angel Wei
Angel is a composer, producer and songwriter.
After almost a decade of writing and producing as one half of Copenhagen act First Hate, Angel marked his debut as a solo artist in 2021 releasing his EP ‘A Year of Mourning’ on Yegorka.

With his developed sense for blending catchy melodies and obscure samples, Angel tells stories of loss and emotional withdrawal in as his songs move from quiet electronic compositions to beat driven songs.

Ryong (DJ)
Ryong is a composer, DJ and producer based in Copenhagen. After previous tape releases on their hometown record label of Janushoved, 2021 saw their EP ‘Unbreakable Bonds’ on Berlin’s Yegorka, and the followup ‘The World is Yours’ in 2022. They are currently a resident at Malmö’s retreat radio. As a DJ, their style is sporadic and ever-changing, never defined by genre, but always by love.

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