Nordisound: OKTO / Nice Things Dahl/Dalen/Søvik + LORA – Vinterjazz

First event in the NordiSound concert series!
NordiSound is a trans-Scandinavian collaborative project between Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. This evening, the Copenhagen-based collective OKTOsounds has invited musicians from Norway and Sweden to play a double concert in the cinema of Beboerhuset.


is an improvising trio based in Oslo. With backgrounds in free jazz, noise and avantgarde they play music in the tradition of modern free improvisation, inspired by Anthony Braxton, Mette Rasmussen, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten ect.

In January 2024 the trio will release their second album “Live in Europe1” on Nice Things Records. A double CD album featuring live recordings from Prague and Brussels.

The trio consists of Amalie Dahl (Dafnie, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra) on alto saxophone, Henrik Sandstad Dalen (Sex Magick Wizards) on double bass, and Jomar Jeppsson Søvik (Actual Music) on drums. All three of them are central figures in the vibrant community for improvised music in Oslo.

Amalie Dahl – saxophone,
Henrik Sandstad Dalen Double Bass,
Jomar Jeppsson Søvik drums.

LORA is a vocal improvisation group based in Malmö, Sweden. Ronja Rose Andersson, Olga Denward and Lydia Cronberg come together to make music inspired by folk singing and put it in a contemporary improvisational context. The group uses elements of jazz, pop, and choral music to develop their own arrangements and compositions.

The quartet places emphasis on free vocal improvisation and the state of liberation this music requires of the performers. Together they create a musical experience that cannot be replicated outside of the present time. They intertwine their unique voices and personal narratives, creating a captivating and novel musical experience for their audience.

Ronja Andersson (DK)- Voice
Lydia Cronberg (SE)- Voice
Olga Denward (SE) – Voice

Kl. 20
Entré 80 kr

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