oqbqbo / Hasfeldt / abji_hypersun

oqbqbo is the moniker of Russian born, Copenhagen based Nastya Sipulina. Associated with the Danish label Posh Isolation, where she represents the more melodic section of the roster.
oqbqbo combines dreamy synths and melancholic rhythms together with clear melodies and often wordless voices as an illustration of the dark beauty of our present time.
Her latest releases consists of collaborations with artists such as “Scandinavian Star” and “Vallmo” most notably with the singles ‘Airdrops’, ‘Dandelions’ and a contribution to the YEAR0001label compilation ‘Rift One’.

Martin Jon Hasfeldt is a Copenhagen-based interdisciplinary artist, who works in domains such as performance, and visual and auditory art. His artistic diversity is evident in his varied musical expression, producing from club-like break-beat as well as ambient and
experiential soundscapes. Realtime synthesized samples, orienting the listener in distorted everyday spaces and moods.

Simin Stine Ramezanali, a visual media artist and drummer, who is based in Copenhagen. Known as the moniker abji_hypersun and as a member of the experimental doom punk trio SLIM0. Simin’s practise stretches from music making, visual art production and working behind the stage as a co-founder of the music platform and independent label UUMPHFF-music.

abji_hypersun’s music extracts tropes drawn from the operatic and theatrical, narrative non-linear story-telling in multiple voices and beats in layered compositions; their sound moves in between feelings of beauty, the comic, the scary, the loud (something in between nightmare and dream). Through this, they tour the notion of sounds out of tune.

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