Arrangementet er desværre AFLYST!

Francesca Burattelli
As a interdisciplinary artist Francesca Burattelli, when on stage, weaves together experimental pop and orchestral music. Her unique voice is the bearing element welding collages of composition and storytelling to a whole.

The vocal itself looking weary back and forth between futuristic elegance and the south Italian song tradition, while the music unravels electronic dissonance, manipulated strings and synthetic choir

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/francesca-burattelli

PIAG3T presents the music piece “Showing You Things”. The piece is divided into different collaborations between close friends, daydreaming and long vocal pieces.   

Kl. 20
60 kr: https://billetto.dk/e/piaget-francesca-burattelli-billetter-551777

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