Polly release of ‘Invitation’

On Saturday the 26th of November, Rhizome invites you to the release of Polly’s debut album ‘Invitation’. We will present concerts by Nemo and Polly herself as well as a DJ set TBA.

Polly releases her debut album ‘Invitation’ on the 25th of November. With the album, she invites the listener into scenes of her everyday life – from her mothers calming embrace to standing on a Copenhagen roof and longing for the blood moon. Throughout these scenes, Polly unfolds the complex emotions that arise in her relations to herself and other people in her life – both the anxious and the beautiful. The album circles these relations and is an invitation to be there for each other and oneself, even though it isn’t always easy.

Polly is the moniker of Danish singer, songwriter, and producer Amalie Hannibal. With her solo project, she weaves her love for the good and heart-beating pop songs together with themes centering around being young in a reality that seems to grow ever more complex. Always delivered with ease, Amalie lets the listener in behind the veil. With the guitar as an anchor, she binds together electronic and acoustic sounds in an alt-pop universe with crystalline vocals, catchy melodies, and texture-based choir arrangements. Polly works with sonic scenes in her music, for example by turning the car stereo on and taking the listener on a ride. She creates concrete rooms in the music, inviting the listener along in scenes of her life. At the concert, she will be accompanied by Søren Maria Buschmann, Anton True Klüver and Nicholas Kincaid.

Nemo is the moniker of producer and songwriter Emma Louise Ottsen Knudsen. As Nemo, she has released the single ‘The Rules Are Us’, as part of the Big Oil Recording Company’s compilation ‘Liminal Works’ 2020. Emma has earlier on been in the punk rock band Pogo Polis, and the power trio Jenny. Emma has just graduated from The Rhythmic Music Conservatory where she focused on songwriting hereunder to create organic compositions with the computer. At the concert, she will be accompanied by Mads Krue Bugge.

At Rhizome, we do not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment. If you experience anything uncomfortable, please contact us at the bar or call us at 29 47 52 40.

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