Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raasted + Bragi Music + Henning Lundkvist

Polychrome og Christianshavns Beboerhus presents an evening of three performances working within the spectrum of sound and voice.

Doors: 19.30
Tickets: 80 kr.

Working with performance, sculpture, sound art and installation Ragnhild May challenges fixed categories and examines overlooked acoustic phenomena and their effects on the human sensory system. When teaming up with her partner, singer and artist Kristoffer Raasted, the boundary between artificial and natural, human and machine, material and immaterial, work and tool are blurred.

Francesca Burattelli and Alexander Holm have formed a duo and will perform new work in progress.

Henning Lundkvist is a writer and artist working in many different media, including text and sound. For this evening he will read from current writing and celebrate April Fool’s Day.POLYCHROME
Polychrome is a residency space for Danish and international music, art, writing, and dance. It also has a shop with a focus on Danish music and books.

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