Some Of You, Of Us

Some of You, of Us is an international ensemble, consisting of six artists from all around the world. They gather for the sake of friendship and devotion to music. Their music is a synthesis of psychedelic, alt-rock, experimental, and spiritual-jazz, with a close focus on sound and presence. They connect to us and each other through their songs, rhythms, sounds and words, in different ways, touching upon topics of being a human. Being Some of Us, of You.

Line up:
Amanda Drew / cello, voice (Denmark)
Aurelijus Užameckis / bass (Lithuania)
Flavia Huarachi Jørgensen / flute, voice (Bolivia)
Ivar Myrset Aheim / drums (Norway)
Luka Zabric / saxophone (Slovenia)
Michal J. Biel / saxophone (Poland)

Forsalg 80 kr:


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