Spellcaster / Bobby Lebona Band / Ryong & Angel Wei / Heaven 47

Spellcaster is a project of composer holger hartvig, and the platform for the musical roleplay series ‘mem.mel.#9’. the debut album ‘Inventory’ from 2019 is the first part of the series, and the upcoming album ‘memo’ is the follow-up, from which Spellcaster will be premiering material for this evening.

Themes: time, memory, community, many-worlds theory
sound: ballad, fragmented, pop/rock, soundscape, operatic
listen: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2fa5fNjNIxsd8xmAfFt7Qs

Kl. 20.00
70 kr: https://www.place2book.com/da/sw2/sales/bt3gc48iyp

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