Spellcaster / Jejuno (POR) / Pamela Angela

Spellcaster is a roleplaying campaign set in a branching sound world.. an orchestra in various shapes, directions, through channels of its ghosts and characters: Anybard, Deleted, Companion among them, speculating in narrative, in quantum drama (?) communicating through signal songs, formulae, scapes, transmissions. Spellcaster has released two albums, Inventory (Visage, 2019), and the opera memo (Anyines / Forlaget Virkelig 2022). Both are part of the musical roleplay series mem.mel.#9 – so is the upcoming project memoverse.
By composer Holger Hartvig.

Jejuno is the pseudonym that the portuguese Sara Rafael uses to present her sound work of cascades of keyboards and samples from which ethereal melodies, underground drones and rhythms arise that, over time, crease and accelerate. Although Jejuno’s music has been published on labels such as urubu, Labareda, Nariz Entupido and Discos Extendes, it is mainly live that we can get to know her compositions produced at the time. In addition to solos, she has collaborated with Filipe Felizardo, Raw Forest, Diana Policarpo, Odete, Maria Reis, Olan Monk, Paul Abbott and with visual artists Hugo Canoilas, Lydia Nsiah, Sara Graça and Svenja Tiger.

Pamela Angela is an experimental duo consisting of Mia Ghabarou and Áslaug Magnúsdóttir, described intriguingly – and cryptically – as “a construction of many perspectives where bliss weighs against the disruption, aggression covered in romanticism”. In their multifaceted approach to production, they draw on classical and electronic music, performance art and dramaturgy. Hearrtbreak melodies meets acusmatic music. The duo appears determined to constantly pursue that which is unseen, unheard, and unknown. Pamela Angela’s live performance is as emotionally intrusive as it is ever evolving. Each of their live shows is different according to the space they perform in.

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