bela is a musician/DJ who works in the cross-section of club music and experimental electronic music, based in Paju and Seoul, South Korea. They are touring the EU and UK following their performance at the Rewire Festival in the Netherlands. Their releases include [Guidelines](Éditions Appærent, 2021), [2020] (Helicopter Records, 2021), [why are you so lost sweetie](Podunk Label, 2020). In their performance, extreme vocals meld with the powerful yet unexpected rhythm of Pungmul that fills the floor with menacing pulses, sometimes unveiling the serenity in between. bela’s 2022 tour with okkyung lee and Yeong Die includes shows in Rewire Festival, Cafe OTO, the white hotel, A4 Bratislava and more. bela played as a DJ at clubs in Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

2021) Guidelines EP https://6314.bandcamp.com/album/guidelines

Yeong Die
DJ. Musician. Sound Artist. Visualist. She makes something funny and bittersweet, scary but something you want to see to the end. She has released albums <Pizzapi>(2018), <Threshold Value>(2020), <Parallel Cosmo>(2021), <Tomorrow?> and since 2019 she has been experimenting with the way she listens to music, a series of 《だいだい dai-dai》 Series. In addition, she participated as a musician and promoter in the web content 《Quarantine études》(2020) and the planned performance 《centers》(2020).

<Weather Z>(2021) https://psychicliberation.bandcamp.com/album/weather-z

Rumina is a Malmö based DJ & producer and a member of the FNGRLCKN collective. With the aim of defying the idea of traditional genres and their borders, her sound explores themes such as nostalgia, pace, and percussion.

haloplus+ is a new band, consisting of Angel Wei, xoxostine & Ryong.
they will start up the night, with warmth, to open up your heart ❤
Singing together, singing with friends!
Love, grief, beats.
Music coming 2022(?)

Kl. 20
60 kr: https://billetto.dk/e/uumphff-x-haloplus-presents-bela-yeong-die-rumina-billetter-640308

Arrangementet er støttet af Tuborgfondet

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