Aar & Dag, Anders Vestergaard og Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen + DJ Brevet

Aar & Dag and BEBOMusic presents an evening with music for a large ensemble, intense solo drumming and a performance for a sound sculpture. DJ Brevet will tie the evening together. Entrance: 60 kr.
Door: 19.00
Music: 20.00 ………..

Aar & Dag is a collective of four Danish composers: Andreas Pallisgaard, Mads Forsby, Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Michael Mørkholt. Each of the four members has an independent practice as a musician/composer, working with instrument-building, computer programming, live improvisation, and notated composition. In bringing the four members together, Aar & Dag’s intention is to create an open field for the examination and exploration into new methods, instruments, and systems for composing and performing music as a collaborative entity.

Aar & Dag will perform music from the LP Tifold af Fri Form og Fælles Motiv released earlier this summer, a product of several years of development, live performance, and studio recording, documenting Aar & Dag’s work with a large ensemble of 10 musicians that includes self-built synthesizer and electronic instruments, reeds and brass, and percussion.

Drummer and composer Anders Vestergaard (Yes Deer, Girls in Airports, Baujillaud, Laser Nun) is a distinctive musician in the Danish underground music scene. He is active in a number of different acts from the explosive free jazz variant of Yes Deer to the more dynamic and melodic music of Girls in Airports. As a solo artist AV has released two albums; the latest “Prime Float // Unitary Perfect” was released on Anyines in 2018 and features to long stretches of ceremonial and physical drumming. His live performances are characterized by an intense physical presence and a movement towards the transcendence of body and space.

Visual artist Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen plays her new sound sculpture, where sound is produced by rubbing glass rods and sheet metal is reinforcing the sound in complex ways. The sound sculpture is built in collaboration with Rafael Cañete Fernández’ expertise and advice of Martí Ruiz i Carulla.

In the weekly music call-in show “DJ Brevet’s program” Thursdays 19-21 on P6 (DR) the winds of coincidence blow strong. Often the destination becomes the sweet sound of island music, the listener’s demands or buying time with confusing oddities. Everything after 1980 is considered new music.

Supported by Københavns Kommune and Danish Arts Foundation

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