Copenhagen-based free jazz quartet dancing between primal outburst and advanced instrumental exploration.

Members are:
Jonas Engel: alto saxophone
Barbara Kammer: viola
Niklas Fite: acoustic guitar
Asger Thomsen: double bass
Simon Forchhammer: drums

Featuring players with varying improvisational backgrounds, the music of Autolysis has its roots in both the European free improvisation and free jazz traditions. The music’s direction shifts naturally between melodic modes, hard-hitting grooves, and sound-oriented group improvisation. The result is an expressive take on modern free jazz.

“Thomsen is clearly the leader of the quartet and often his brief and
articulate double bass solos set the atmosphere of the distinct pieces.
The quartet sounds energetic, bursting with fresh ideas, as a working
band that enjoys playing together.”- Eyal Hareuveni,

Mere info:

Kl. 21.00
70 kr.

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