BEBOMusic & No Technique presents… Baraboro, No Technique Group and Vincent Yuen Ruiz

BEBOMusic is very happy to welcome Copenhagen based record label and community ‘No Technique’ to Christianshavns Beboerhus to present an evening of music ranging from meditative minimalism, to electroacoustic soundscapes and synth jams!

baraboro (LT)
baraboro aka Gintė Preisaitė is a Lithuanian pianist and composer currently residing in Copenhagen. With baraboro, an electroacustic music project, Preisaitė goes to surreal atmospheres, impressionstic soundscapes and improvisations between piano, vocals and electronics. On this night she will present her debut album “Coatlicue’s dreams” which opens up spaces between reality and dreams, and gives a possibility to blend both of them.No Technique Group
no technique is a copenhagen-based community, releasing music and setting up shows. For this show, the label-runners have formed a true jam band with synths, machines, cello and with very little technique – almost none at all.

Vincent Yuen Ruiz(CH)
Vincent Yuen Ruiz’s Above solo piano piece is a slow, meditative and enveloping: this work is a quiet statement that allows the listener to swim into resonances and find refuge into a sea of colourful sounds. The minimalism in the music pushes to a closer listen, close enough to feel as if diving into the depths of the instruments where each note reveals a whole universe.
No Technique is a copenhagen-based community, releasing music and setting up shows. The goal is to promote and champion our local community of international and domestic artists and seek kind and generous relations. Most of their releases have been leaning towards the experimental and electronic, but they have an open mind in genres and fields, for what is genuine. they are happy to expand our community and affiliations and work for a welcoming, safe and open minded scene in copenhagen.

Kl. 19.30

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