Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang (US) & Emilie & Franciska (DK)

Festival of Endless Gratitude joins forces with Pantropical and Christianshavns Beboerhus to present a special evening with a deep dive in sound and sonic resonances.

Doors: 19.30
Tickets: 80 kr.

Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang are a duo devoted to geomusicalities and music at the border of sound. Collaborators for over two decades, their ethereal music arises from their study of land and place, temporal forms, sonic resonances, and transcultural conversations.

A vocalist, composer, sound artist, and autodidact, Jessika Kenney has developed a vocal practice at a unique intersection of haptic and aural sensibilities. Utilizing imaginative approaches to oral traditions and the one-on-one transmission of texts and sounds, as well as the spatialized experience of “diffuse listening”, she hones timbral and microtonal awareness while defying clinical approaches to sound.

Eyvind Kang—a multi-instrumentalist and composer—works across genre and discipline, bringing subtlety, fluidity, and emotional intensity to each of his varied projects. Wary of the divisions of music by nation, Kang makes “people music” influenced by geology, collective memory and sonic possibility.

As a duo they have worked with e.g. poet Anne Carson, the bands Sun City Girls, Sunn O))), Animal Collective, composers Annea Lockwood and others. Their discography include ‘Cypress Dance’ (a soundtrack to a film by Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela, 2020), ‘The Face of the Earth’ (2012) and ‘Aestuarium’ (2011) – both released on Ideologic Organ, ‘Reverse Tree’ (Black Truffle, 2016), and ‘At Temple Gate’ with Hyeon Hee Park (Weyrd Son, 2014).…/the-face-of-the…

Emilie & Franciska are an improvisational duo taking their inspirations from early classical music, concrete music, noise and drone music. Using field recordings as a starting point for their practice, they nurture the subtleties of sound, texture and moments in time with tape loops, synthesizer and viola da gamba.

Both are involved in the Danish label Forlaget Kornmod, which has been releasing the music of artists from many corners of the experimental and curious music scene throughout the last 4 years.

Pantropical is a concert/club series and online platform focusing on rough-edged non-western and tropical music in its many iterations, be it club, rural folk or noise. Originally based in Rotterdam, Pantropical now splits its activities between The Netherlands and Denmark.

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Festival of Endless Gratitude is a non-profit music and arts festival founded in 2007 on friendships across the Atlantic. Each year the festival presents a meticulously curated exploration of adventurous music from around the world in the course of three days in the Fall.

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Funded by Københavns Kommunes Musikudvalg and Statens Kunstfond

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