UUMPHFF: Ryong / Yukka / Suzie The cockroach

UUMPHFF is an independent music platform, label and community radio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2020.
UUMPHFF is dedicated to fostering, releasing and connecting musicians, music lovers and cultural workers across aesthetics, scenes and backgrounds.
UUMPHFF is dedicated to embrace and uplift ambiguous, chaotic, responsible and non-conforming organising and creation.
UUMPHFF is a fresh wave splashing onto decaying european castles.
Taking space creating space.
UUMPHFF is 100% committed to support and participate in the ongoing work to decolonize the danish music industry. We salute you.
This evening we will present you to three artists, that share and represents our values and beliefs.
Ryong is a Copenhagen based artist that explores: Danish / Korean, spirituality/embodiment, family and love. They are currently finishing their upcoming project that will be released this May. Ryong will present this new body of work that tries confronting – and finding the beauty in – the confusion of a split family and a torn heritage & culture.
Yukka is an Egyptian Rapper and Songwriter, started in 2010 in Alexandria, Egypt and then moved and based in Denmark in 2015. Her unique sounds, flow and strong lyrics is what makes her blue print.
Yukka performed at top music venues and festivals in DK such as, VEGA, LOPPEN and as well participated in Roskilde festival and Spot festival twice.
She’s set, determined and ready to swip you off your feet with her original unique vibes.
suzie the cockroach
– merging funk carioca, ballroom, Latin American sweat and pure lusophone debauchery, suzie the cockroach is coming up from below the gutter to spin tunes that are promised to send the crowd twerking into the next dimension.
Door: 19.00
Ticket: 60 Kr.
Date: May 14th.
Thank you to SHOCK and Tuborgfondet for the collaboration and funding.
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