Xenia Xamanek x Francesca Burattelli x Piag3t

At Beboerhuset we are looking forward to present you to three of Copenhagens premier young experimental electronic musicians.

With base in Copenhagen, Xenia Xamanek make music that bends genres and insists on the ambiguous.
Their music often welcomes an unanticipated mixture of sounds, both inclusive and unapologetic in its diversity.
For this show they will present unreleased music of hard-hitting deconstructed beats, pushing to and drawing inspiration from club and reggaeton music referencing their danish/honduran/nicaraguan heritage.
Xenia has also co-founded the new music platform UUMPHFF.

As a interdisciplinary artist Francesca Burattelli, when on stage, weaves together experimental pop and orchestral music. Her unique voice is the bearing element welding collages of composition and storytelling to a whole.The vocal itself looking weary back and forth between futuristic elegance and the south Italian song tradition, while the music unravels electronic dissonance, manipulated strings and synthetic choir.

Watch live video:

PIAG3T presents the music piece “Showing You Things”. The piece is divided into different collaborations between close friends, daydreaming and long vocal pieces.


Kl. 20.00
80 kr: https://billetto.dk/e/xenia-xamanek-x-francesca-burattelli-x-piag3t-billetter-556205

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